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Fitness4Less’ Rebrand & Class Booking App

Fitness4Less are known for their great gym experiences and, of course, their affordable membership fees. As a member myself, I can confirm that the product offered is good value for money.

If there was anything (in my opinion) that I could improve about my regular encounter with the brand, it would be their website experience and branding. In thinking this, below shows a concept that I would propose.


As mentioned above, I think the brand offers great value for money but I think that could also be communicated in the form of new modern branding and an [extremely relevant for today’s commercial direction] mobile app. A brand overhaul will show that they are a relevant company and an additional experience in the form of a mobile app will communicate that they want to be involved in their customer’s fitness life.

Current branding and imagery:



The Concept: The Brand Mark

The new logo would be stripped right back to a clean typeface. In order to aide the logo being easier and quicker to read on the eye, the ‘less’ part of the brand name would be represented visually with the less than ‘<‘ symbol. So the message still reads, ‘Fitness 4 Less’. Immediately, one gets the sense that it is a company moving with the times.








The Concept: The Mobile App

The app will be an addition to a Fitness4Less customer’s healthy lifestyle. It would include features like training videos and fitness trackers as well as the necessity to book classes from their mobile.

In this instance [below], I have created an app prototype that will demonstrate the new shorter yet informative class booking process. Just like their current booking process the user will still be able to find out information about their classes and trainers but in a more intuitive format. Enjoy! (best experienced on your smartphone).


The Concept: Brand Imagery

Another aspect of the brand I would revamp would be the brand imagery. At current, their imagery is bright and friendly but, in my opinion, does not say ‘fitness’.

My approach would be to commission photography that outlines common exercises and aspirational body physiques. The message that will be communicated is the concept that customers can get the body they want – for less (the ‘less than’ signifier taking the forefront of the message).


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