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Diaspora – Purposeful Luxury Skincare

The Back Story

For many people, the pursuit of beautiful, healthy skin more often becomes a life-long goal. We are brought up in a world of scientific serums and lotions that promise the world but usually fall short. The truth is, God created nature to look after us and everything we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be found deep within the earth’s many pockets.

In the deep pockets of Abeokuta, Nigeria lies some of the world’s most rare beauty ingredients loaded with properties that are proven nourish your skin in more ways than one. The ingredients are hand-picked and hand-processed by the local people and are then turned into balms and creams.

Introducing Diaspora, a collection of exclusive hand-processed skincare products made with rich organic Nigerian-grown Shea Butter and infused with the rarest ingredients. Each of the skincare recipes has been passed down generations of communities from within the African Diaspora the world over.

There is an all-important social part of the brand that plays a major role in its success. The profits generated from the sale of a product gets put to work by funding school fees of the children in the Abeokuta community as well as paying fair wages to employees and cultivating the lands in which these rare ingredients are grown.

Diaspora products are exclusively available in Harrods.

Creating A Deep-Rooted Visual Identity

The Cultured Logotype

The House Typography

The Alluringly Flamboyant Packaging

The Nutrient-Rich Web Experience




Diaspora Skincare


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