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Back-Roads Touring’s Visual Rebrand

An award-winning small-group touring company, Back-Roads Touring cater to an audience of affluent 50-somethings who want to spend their extra time admiring breathtaking [UK and European] sites and sampling authentic cuisines amongst other things.

To compliment their 25+ year track record of providing memorable experiences, they required a complete visual overhaul to freshen up its appeal in the marketplace.

The project would see a series of strategic design updates rollout over the course of 2016 with the visual rebrand complete and ready for their 2017 season.

The Brand Mark

The first stage of the redesign was to redesign the logo.

Back-Roads Touring [Old] Logo

The new mark sports an enhanced character from its predecessor with the ‘Est.1990’ bridging the gap between the new and the old. The Serif typeface was updated to a newer, cleaner face coupled with the newly centred alignment.

The Brochure

The Back-Roads Touring Brochure is their main sales asset. It would be printed in four different currencies for four different markets but embody the same content.

The new brochure featured new original photography that I directed. It was also important to create a good editorial balance of beautiful imagery and copy layout to give way for an easy reading experience.


Back-Road Touring’s print advertisements were also in need of a redesign in line with new brand design.


The layout has been refreshed with the new type and visual order where the brand’s tours and USPs take to the main stage.

The Results… so far

Since the launch of the new assets, the company has seen a great increase in the amount of bookings year to date upon 2015 bookings!

By early 2016, Back-Roads Touring visual identity will be fully transformed and armed with a new set of print and digital assets to take on the future.


Back-Roads Touring


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